Isolated Power Specialist
Isolated Power Specialist

               Testing, Training, and Certification


Onsite training using a Power Point Presentation and / or hands-on inside your own Operating Room will be performed. We will instruct how Isolated Power works, what to do in case of alarm, and how to determine where the problem is in the system. A complete explanation of the purpose of the LIM and its operation, which include the LIM signals, will be discussed


IPS Technicians will perform all testing required by NFPA 99 and keep a Log Book Record of the Annual Test results and Certifications for Line Isolation Monitors



Once the Testing is completed, a written report and Certification will be sent via email

New Installations also includes: 

  • IPS Technicians will log voltage and millivolt readings criteria for acceptability for new construction or existing operating rooms

  • Confirms impedance to ground of both conductors if the isolated power system exceeds 200,000 ohms when installed

  • IPS provides written documentation of the needed corrective action if system does not meet NFPA 99 standard


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