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Isolated Power Specialist


 Isolated Power Specialist offers a wide variety of

products and services


These include: Sentry 5 Line Isolation Monitor installation, Upgrades and Retro-Fit Kits, Annual Testing and Certification, and Training Sessions. All of these will help keep your hospital in compliance with NFPA 99 and Joint Commissioning  


What Isolated Power Specialist can do for you:


1) We can perform all testing required by NFPA 99 and will keep a Log Book Record of the Annual Testing Results and Certifications for Line Isolation Monitors. During the testing, IPS will point out any code requirements not being met. A written report and certification will be sent via email


2) IPS can provide an onsite training program using a Power Point Presentation and/or hands-on inside your own Operating Room. We will instruct how Isolated Power works, what to do in case of alarm, and how to determine where the problem is in the system. A complete explanation of the purpose of a line isolation monitor and its operation will be discussed


3) We test ALL manufactures' Isolated Power Systems and their line isolation monitors


4) IPS provides LIM Retro-Fit Kits, whether just the line isolation monitor or upgrading the Isolated Power Systems


5) Isolated Power Specialist has nationwide coverage and can provide references upon request



Featured Products and Services

SR-1 SR-1

Certified testing of ungrounded isolated power systems and Line Isolation Monitors per NFPA 99 Health Care Facilities and NFPA 70 National Electrical Code

Sentry 5 LIM Sentry 5 LIM

Auto self-select eliminates accidental destruction of LIM and helps eliminate nuisance alarms.   It also has NO interference with electrical equipment.


Upgrade without extra construction expense. Code compliance with new Line Isolation Monitors and remotes.


Replace obsolete Analog Line Isolation Monitors with the new self-testing, self-calibrating

Sentry 5 LIM. Reduce nuisance alarms and eliminate accidental LIM destruction with the

New Sentry 5 LIM.

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