Isolated Power Specialist
Isolated Power Specialist

Sentry 5 Line Isolation Monitor

The Sentry 5 Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) was engineered with efficiency and reliability in mind

This state of the art monitor can be used at Hospitals, Surgery Centers, or any facility where Isolated Power Systems are required. The Sentry 5 LIM is highly sophisticated with two microprocesors and self-selecting voltage and frequency circuits that eliminates the need of jumpers or switches. (See specifications UL Listed to UL 1022 Standard for Line Isolation Monitors in the USA and Canada, FileE446098).

Additional Features of the Isolated Power Specialist's Sentry 5 Line Isolation Monitor:


  • UL Listed to UL 1022 Standard for Line Isolation Monitors in the USA and Canada, File E446098
  • Conforms to NFPA 99 and NFPA 70 code requirements

  • Two digit-digital display and three color bar graph for easy to read indications of current leakage

  • Visual and audible alarm indications as well as blue LED to let you know the LIM is in calibration

  • Auto Self-Test and Self-Calibration

  • Self-Calibration--10 seconds or less

  • Reduces alarms up to 5 mA trip level

  • Installed by certified IPS technicians

  • Manufactured AND assembled in the USA

  • Two microprocessors for accuracy

  • Set to test at the 5 mA trip level to reduce nuisance alarms due to adding extra equipment to the power system

  • Provisions for optional remote indicators with or without a digital display

  • Three remotes can be on the Sentry 5 at any one time

  • Sentry 5 LIM and all remote annunciators are manufactured in the U.S.A.

  • Equipped with an elaborate filtering circuitry that will keep out line noise which could cause inaccurate LIM readings

  • It has NO interference with electrical equipment

  • Internal resettable fuses

Benefits of the New Sentry 5 LIM
Minimize Replacements Direct access to engineering and technical support Eliminate accidental LIM destruction
Upgrade Remotes Reduces Nuisance Alarms

Easy Read Calibration Lights

Manufactured in USA Upgrade with no additional construction expense LED Display

Retro-Fits Kits are available to replace older LIMs and remotes that have become obsolete.  The older panels with existing analog meters on the panel fronts are no problem for the Sentry 5 Digital remote. It will mount in the same existing space as the analog meter. With the easy Retro-Fit Kits and the self-select of voltage, one LIM does it all! The Sentry 5 has taken the worries out of the installation.


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