Isolated Power Specialist
Isolated Power Specialist

        The Sentry 5 Remote Receptacle Panel


Many Hospitals have old Remote Receptacle panels with Simplex or Power Twist Lock Receptacles and Green Ground Jacks on a Customized Front Trim. Both Power Lock Receptacles and Green Ground Jacks are no longer required per NFPA 99 in Operating Rooms. If more receptacles are needed in these areas, a simple solution is to change the existing Customized Front Trim with the Model SRRP-4D Hospital Grade Four Duplex Receptacles. Specify red or ivory in color. The new Sentry Remote Receptacle Panel will match your existing back box mounting. The existing wiring can then be connected to the new Duplex Receptacles. Provide your existing plate size and mounting hole locations for the right plate size.


  • Customized Pre-polished 14 ga. stainless steel flush plate
  • 4 each 20 Amp 120 Volt Hospital Grade Duplex Receptacle
  • Optional installation and testing by Isolated Power Specialist



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