Isolated Power Specialist
Isolated Power Specialist

               Portable Line Isolation Monitor

Hospitals with Isolated Power Systems have a need for the Portable Line Isolation  Monitor (PLIM)

When the existing LIM fails in their Isolated Power Panel, the operating room is to be shut down until the LIM is repaired or replaced per NFPA 99. That can be costly if operations are cancelled. Since the LIM is on every hour of the day, they can fail without notice. Most hospitals do not carry a spare LIM, nor the knowledge to replace them. With a Portable LIM (PS5-7), the operating room will have no down time while they are awaiting repairs! All that is necessary would be to plug in the Portable LIM into any outlet powered by the isolated power system. After the LIM is changed out, unplug the PS5-7 and put back on the shelf until needed again

Isolated Power Specialist would like to suggest one Portable LIM be specified for each new hospital. Model # PS5-7

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